About Us

The Instrument Design Development Centre (IDD Centre) was set up in 1970. The Centre, interdisciplinary in nature, is engaged in design and development of instruments and other industrial and consumer products.

It runs a postgraduate programme in Instrument Technology and is also actively involved in the teaching of an interdisciplinary M.Des. programme in Industrial Design. The Centre has expert faculty and specialized facilities in the disciplines of Electronics, Industrial Design, Mechanical and Optical Instrumentation. The Centre also supports many doctoral students working in these areas of competence.

The first Head of the Centre was Prof. Harsha Vardhan who later became Director, CSIO Chandigarh. Later the reins were taken over by Prof. R. C. Malhotra who subsequently became Director, IIT Kanpur. Other heads who occupied important positions were Prof R. Arokiasamy (Member UPSC) and Prof. B. N. Gupta (Director, NSIT, Delhi). IDD Centre has been continuously evolving in step with rapidly advancing technology to retain its technological edge in the areas of Instrument Design Technology & Industrial Design.

This Centre created a vibrant interdisciplinary group of professionals in the area of Electrical, Electronics, Optics, Mechanical and Industrial Design. A number of laboratories and workshops were established for research/ development in cutting-edge technology and engineering. Close linkages with the industries, R&D institutions and agencies were developed to provide support to product, equipment and instrument development.

The centre has also been very active in manpower training of students from other institutions, engineering college teachers, and industry professionals.