Instrument Design Development Centre (IDDC) currently offers two academic programmes. Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Instrument Technology and PhD in various interdisciplnary areas related to Instrument Technology and Industrial Design.
Details of each program with brief courses of study are given below.


The M.Tech program in Instrument Technology offers courses as below

Course Code Course Name L-T-P Credits
IDP 703 Instrument Technology Laboratory 1 0-0-6 3
IDP 704 Instrument Technology Laboratory 2 0-0-6 3
IDL 705 Advanced Instrument Technology Laboratory 0-0-8 3
IDL711 Instrumentation Transducers 3-0-0 3
IDL 712 Electronic Techniques for Signal Conditioning and Interfacing 3-0-0 3
IDL 714 Instrument Design and Simulation 2-0-2 3
IDL 734 Laser Based Instrumentation 3-0-0 3
JTD 801 Major Project Part 1 0-0-12 3
JTD 802 Major Project Part 2 0-0-24 3

M.Tech Placement Brochure


PhD program in takes copetent candidates in all branches of industrial design (e.g. Human Computer Interaction, User Experience Design, Cognitive Ergonomics etc.) and in all branches of Instrumnet technology (including Optical Metrology, electronics, holography etc. ).
The interviews are conducted twice every year and the applications are accepted round the year thorugh the online IITD admission portal.