P.V.M. Rao
Professor (Head)
E-mail: pvmrao@mech.iitd.ac.in, hodiddc@admin.iitd.ac.in
Area of Expertise:-Product Design & Realization, Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing.
Phone number:-+91-11-2659 1427/6729
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Chandra Shakher
[Ph.D. (IIT/M)]
Professor Emeritus
E-mail: cshakher@iddc.iitd.ac.in
Area of Expertise:-Holography, Holographic Optical Elements, Fibre-optic Sensors, Optical Instrumentation.
Phone number:-011-26591432
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Shahani D.T.
[Ph.D. (IIT/D)]
Professor Emeritus
E-mail: shahani@iddc.iitd.ac.in
Area of Expertise:-Electronic Instrumentation, Electromagnetics, Antennas.
Phone number:-011-26591437
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Atreya S.K.
Chief Design Engineer(S.G.)
E-mail: atreya@iddc.iitd.ac.in
Area of Expertise:-Industrial Design,Graphic Design,Computer Aided Design,Ergonomics Interior Design,Architecture,Instrument Enclosures,Education Technology,Software Development,HC Interaction Design.
Phone number:-011-26591430
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Vyas A.L.
[Ph.D. (IIT/D)]
Professor Emeritus
E-mail: alvyas@iddc.iitd.ac.in
Area of Expertise:-Electronic and Ultrasonic Instrumentation, Signal Processing, Sonar Systems, Transducer Design.
Phone number:-011-26591442
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Gufran Sayeed Khan
Associate Professor
Area of Expertise:-Optical Instrumentation, Applied Optics, Aspheric Optics, Interferometry, X-Ray Optics, Diffractive Optical Elements,Computer Generated Holography, Computer Controlled Polishing, Diamond Turning
Phone number:-011-26597335
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Jyoti Kumar
[Ph.D. (IITG)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: jyoti@iddc.iitd.ac.in
Area of Expertise:-Human Computer Interaction, Online customer persuasion, User Experience and Usability Engineering Methodology, Culture and Design, Sustainable Ecosystem
Phone number:-011-26596735
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Sumer Singh
[M. Des]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: sumerid@iddc.iitd.ac.in
Area of Expertise:-Product Design, Transportation design, Design for sustainability, Design sketching, Computer Aided Surfacing,Design Innovation
Phone number:-011-26596723
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Satish Kumar Dubey
Assistant Professor
E-mail: satishdubey@iddc.iitd.ac.in
Area of Expertise:-Digital Holography, Laser based instrumentation for measurement and monitoring systems, Design and Development of opto-electronic sensors
Phone number:-011-26596752
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